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Welcome to Carleton University Squash! Once you've joined this group, feel free to contact other members for a friendly game of squash. For more competitive play, you can also join the Carleton Squash Ladder.

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Simon Roy

Hi Carleton squashers!

On Friday the 23rd, some of the players from Sporthèque are launching Squash Outaouais, a non-profit to promote squash in Gatineau and surrounding areas.

For the event, we will host Canadian #1 Samantha Cornett for some exhibition matches. She will be playing with Max Leclair (Ottawa #2, former world #130), and possibly other high level players. We will have ability contests, snacks, and probably a radar (for hardest shot contest!)

Here is a link to the event flyers (French and English):


Thanks and hope to see you there!


Paul Leshauris
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Vivian Nguyen
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Cristina Inglis
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Alok Dua
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Daniel Shalinsky
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Bashar Haddad
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Ahmed Abou-Shaaban

Does anyone want to play Monday afternoon? (after 3 o'clock)

Sterling Wang
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Five international squash courts
Book court: 613-520-5655

Full members: one-hour court for $4+HST from 7:00 am (8:30 am on weekends) to last booking at 9:30 pm (6:30 pm weekends).

Day guests: in addition to the squash court fees, day guests must also pay the day user fee of $12 for Adults and $8 for non-Carleton Student.


Brooke Stephens
Joshua Shaw