Carleton University Squash

Welcome to Carleton University Squash! Once you've joined this group, feel free to contact other members for a friendly game of squash. For more competitive play, you can also join the Carleton Squash Ladder.

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Simon Roy

Hey Carleton squashers! The Sporthèque Classic tournament is coming up soon. $15 discount for students. The official deadline is today, but we will be accepting registrations until Sunday night. Men's Open-A-B-C-D and Women's A/B-C/D. We are especially looking for more Men's D players. The flyer can be found here:

Matt Arthur

Anyone able to play tonight?

Stephen Guaragna
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Matt Arthur
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Nick has joined.
Anyone up for a game today? I'm free all day - just shoot me a message! :)
Konstantin Petoukhov

Does anyone want to play Mon, Wed, or Fri morning? Msg me.

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Michael Ninacs
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Alex Reinhart

Hey! If anyone feels like playing, let me know! I'm on campus most days, all I need is a bit of notice. Send me a message, or text me.

Alex Reinhart
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Five international squash courts
Book court: 613-520-5655

Full members: one-hour court for $4+HST from 7:00 am (8:30 am on weekends) to last booking at 9:30 pm (6:30 pm weekends).

Day guests: in addition to the squash court fees, day guests must also pay the day user fee of $12 for Adults and $8 for non-Carleton Student.


Brooke Stephens
Joshua Shaw

Level Players (102)
C Stephen Guaragna
Matt Arthur
D+ Shaan
D+ Michael Ninacs
C+ Alex Reinhart
D+ Oshea
C Paul Leshauris
D Vivian Nguyen
D+ Cristina Inglis
C+ Alok Dua
C+ Daniel Shalinsky
C+ Bashar Haddad
C Sterling Wang
C Michael Veck
C+ Zaid Al-Hayderi
C Wasiq Waqar
B+ Hesham Ellisy
C ShayG
B+ Patrick McDonnell-Alègre
B Zaid haymoor
C+ Calvin Whyman
C Otto Wramhed
D Katy Belshaw
C+ Brodie Gallinger
C Benjamin Myers
B mohamed eltiby
D Sebastien Cloutier
C Korn P.
B Ji Woo Kim
B Robin Cote
B+ Ahmed Abou-Shaaban
C Jeff Fan
C+ Toby Murray
E jasmine
B Cam Garbutt
B Emad Khan
C Lee Robertson
D+ Joshua Shaw
D+ Benoit Bergevin
E Nathen Bowes
C Simon
D Luz Osorio
D Natalie Linklater
B Daniel Nash
D+ I Clarke
C Ahmed Doha
B Andrew
B Konstantin Petoukhov
D+ Glenda Smith
B Omar Abdelalim
D+ Jason Kirsh
D+ nuradeen
D+ Thomas Logan
C Momin Amjad
D+ Sarah bruch
D+ Christopher Lloyd
C+ Martin V. Manolov
C+ Juan Heredia
C M Stob
C Adrian King
C+ Adrian Luth
D+ Darrin Cohen
B Patrick Lyons
D+ Fatima
D+ Babak (BoB) Moazzez
C+ Stephen Bartolo
C+ Travis
C Najab Saleem
C Suleman
D+ Helen Kuhn
B Matthew Zammit
D+ Tetsuro Ide
C Ilnar Akhmedjanov
D+ Travis Graham
B mostafa sohdy
D+ Melissa Murphy
C+ Jeff Manthorpe
C François Weber
C+ Devan Franz
C James K. Duncan
D+ Nick McKeown
C+ Ahmad Rasem
C Syed Muhammad Raza
B Chris Sauve
D+ Mark Brown
C+ David Terrade
B Simon Roy
C+ Shahan Ahmed
C Hanna Law
C+ Mark Brunet
C+ Eddie Montes
C Jorge
C+ Ka Ho Ng
D+ Shahbaz Ghazi
E Shichao liu
D+ Mona
C+ Brooke Stephens