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I wanted to make a ladder for all the people who play squash at law school to get a chance to find partners, pair up, and have a little healthy competition besides their grades! I don't think there's any way to police who comes in here, all I can say is that I wanted to make the ladder open to: Students of the Faculty (JD, English/ French, LLM and LLD, etc.); Faculty members; and Support staff in FTX (Librarians, administrative, custodial, etc.).

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Games will be at U of O, either at Montpetit Hall, or the nice gym whose name eludes me, with the funny sounding front walls. In keeping with the scoring values of the ODSA, matches will be best three out of five, with games to 11, PAR ("Point a Rally"). More information TBA as I learn to work this ladder.


Antonio Giamberardino
Charles Ng