Orleans Rec Centre (Bob MacQuarrie Rec)

Welcome to the ORC (Bob Mac) squash group page! Once you've joined this group, feel free to contact other members for a friendly game of squash. For more competitive play, you can also join the ORC ladder. Don't forget to enter your scores after each match, and play as often as possible to get to the top!

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Marcelo Brandao
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Eric Castonguay
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Eric Castonguay
I haven't played in a while and I'm a newbie.
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Richard Forbes
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Orleans Rec Centre (Bob MacQuarrie Rec) Ladder
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Orleans Rec Centre (Bob MacQuarrie Rec) Ladder
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Hi...anyone in Orleans area wants to play squash in the evenings on any day of the week. Please feel free to contact me. 

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Sam Daoud

Hi all, 

Who is available to play Monday or Tuesday Jan 22-23 in the evening? if anyone is interested please text me. 


1490 Youville Drive 
K1C 2X8