Ryerson University

40 or 50 Gould Street

Welcome to the Ryerson University Squash Group! Once you've joined this group, feel free to contact other members for a friendly game of squash. 

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Iknoor Gill
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Iknoor Gill
anyone want to play? I'm C+
Calvin Ho
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Joyce Chew
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Ryerson University Ladder (Fall 2012)
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Allen L

Allen L has joined.  If anyone wants to play at Ryerson (before 9 am) or St. Lawrence Community Center (before 9 am, or around 12 or 1), let me know.  I am intermediate player.

Gourav Biswas
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Terence Reeves
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Brian D.
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Ryerson University Ladder (Fall 2012)
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  • Four international squash courts with raw maple floors
  • Three courts are glass backed
  • Courts are booked for 1 hour time slots
  • The courts may be reserved free-of-charge by all RAC members
  • Available up to 7 days in advance

For Reservations Call: 416-979-5000 ext. 7114


Dimitry Chertkov
Brooke Stephens