"Girls-Only" University of Toronto Ladder

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Rating Name Wins Losses Draws
1 P Mona 0 0 0


Let's hit!

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2 P Alexandra Barrete-Tsaur 0 0 0
3 P Iknoor Gill 0 0 0
4 P Emily 0 0 0
5 P Rupali Morzaria 0 0 0
6 P Jenn 0 0 0
7 P Romina Abachi 0 0 0
8 P Jingwen Xu 0 0 0
9 P Elaine Ng 0 0 0
10 P Amy Z 0 0 0
11 P khan, Anton 0 0 0

Games played: 0


Welcome to the "Girls-Only" University of Toronto Squash Ladder.

  • Games are generally played best 3 of 5, however any variation of score can be entered.
  • If you arrange a game and don't show, your opponent can default you.
  • The winner is responsible for entering the match score.
  • Remember to wear eye protection.

Feel free to join the ladder, challenge players, record scores, and view game history.


Downtown Campus:
Book courts in the main office or by calling 416.978.3436 one day before the preferred booking. Have your membership number or student number ready. Guest pass users may not book a court, but may play with a member.

The Recreation Centre has seven North American Squash courts. The courts can be used anytime during our normal hours of operation. Reservations can be made either in person or by calling the Athletics Service Counter (416-287-7099). For more info, visit: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~athletics/squash.html