St. Lawrence Community Centre - Toronto

Want to set up some sort of Round Robin. (or solo games to start with)

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St. Lawrence Community Centre - Toronto Ladder
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St. Lawrence Community Centre - Toronto Ladder
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Hi Guys, I am looking for a beginner to play squash with on a regular basis to the Sr Lawrence Community centre. Please send me a message if you are interested. Thanks in advance :-)

hi Nathalie, please check out our new app if you have iOS. It's called OrbitPlay and is in the App Store.
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Brian D.
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Daniel Michael
Hi there, I just moved back to Toronto and am excited to play squash with all of you. a few questions - 1) where in Toronto can one go for drop in squash; is it only St. Lawrence? 2) Can I book court times for St. Lawrence online, or only by phone? 3) are there any leagues, or is the best place to find partners on this website? Lastly, if anyone is looking for partners (intermediate I think) to play with on weekends, please reach out to me. Thanks!
Lung Kwan Tsui
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Lung Kwan Tsui
I am an intermediate player and just moved back Toronto. Anyone want to have a game this week or even play regularly, please contact me. I can start playing from 6:00pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends.
Joyce Chew
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Sajia Lopez-Fonseca


  • 230 Esplanade M5A 4J6
  • Contact Us: 416 392-1347

$6.50 for 40min of play.


Thomas Strandberg

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