St. Lawrence Community Centre - Toronto

Want to set up some sort of Round Robin. (or solo games to start with)

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St. Lawrence Community Centre - Toronto Ladder
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Allen L
Allen L has joined.  If anyone wants to play at Ryerson (before 9 am) or St. Lawrence Community Center (before 9 am, or around 12 or 1), let me know.  I am intermediate player.
Hasan Iqbal
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Gourav Biswas

Hey all, moved downtown not long ago and am very excited to play some pick up games of squash over the summer.

Gourav Biswas
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Mustafa Wahaj
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Hello all squash enthusiast! I'm moving close to distillery district end of next month and would love to continue playing squash. I currently play at club Markham. I can play in the evenings and weekends. Cheers..

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Ka Ho Ng

Hi everyone, anyone want to play a game of Squash here?

Paul Anderson
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  • 230 Esplanade M5A 4J6
  • Contact Us: 416 392-1347

$6.50 for 40min of play.


Thomas Strandberg