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1 P Mona 0 0 0


Let's hit!

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2 P Kristijan 0 0 0

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Welcome to the uPenn Squash Ladder.

  • Games are generally played best 3 of 5, however any variation of score can be entered.
  • If you arrange a game and don't show, your opponent can default you.
  • The winner is responsible for entering the match score.
  • Remember to wear eye protection.

Feel free to join the ladder, challenge players, record scores, and view game history.



Ringe Squash Courts
219 S. 33rd St.
In 1998-99, Ringe was reconstructed to house 10 glassback international squash courts, the Al Molloy Exhibition Court and the Intercollegiate and Penn Squash Halls of Fame. Penn has been a consistent host of major national championships on the junior, collegiate and open levels.