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Andre Beda

Hey guys, 

I'll be in the city until the end of July. I'm available before 9am or after 7pm on weekdays and in the afternoon on weekends!

pls contact Kian
Columbia University
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Columbia University
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Sohaib Mirza

Hi Folks, 


I am looking for someone to play squash with at my Hillcrest Avenue location. I am an intermediate to advanced player B level player and looking for someone similar or better to play with as I try and improve my game. Please message me on here or through email at or telephone at 587-707-5950.

Yuji Nikaido

Does anyone like to play during summer?

I am available 12:00-17:00 Mon Tue Thu Fri

I can play. I am a low intermediate player I think.
please contact me at if you wish.

Anyone up for some games this summer?

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Richard Rosenman
I'm a B / B- player looking for someone simile level to play weekly in the early evenings at U of T Athletic Center. Please message me if you wanna play!
University of Toronto
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Darrin Cohen

I’m a beginner level player with some experience. Looking to play 1-2 times a week with someone at my level. Drop me a line if you’re interested in setting up a weekly game. 

Yulin Chen

I am currently looking for a partner to play at 7-9 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I am also available at weekends.

I am a beginner and have played for two months.

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Vikrant Jain

anyone looking to play sometime this weekend or later this week?

Taylor Dawson
Hi! Anyone interested in playing sometime at the YMCA downtown? C level player but haven't played in awhile, and I'd like to meet others who play at the Y.
Jun Wu

anybody would like to play after work around 7-9pm?

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Columbia University
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Columbia University
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