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Ahmed Abou-Shaaban

Does anyone want to play Monday afternoon? (after 3 o'clock)

Scott Boynton
New to McMaster Squash. Strong C low B looking for some friendly matches. Flexible with hours and days. Contact me if interested please. Scott
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Timothy Roberts

Hi All, 


Looking to play with somebody this coming week at Dodge on Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday. Any level is fine I'm around a B. Or if anyone is available further out like next week let me know.



sami samain

Anyone fancy a game? i just moved to the city. Not sure about any of the spots. 


Hit me up. 

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I wish to play squash.

Let me know!

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University of Ottawa Squash

Any one playing in Scarborough ... ?????

University of Toronto
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Laurice Karkaby
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Laurice Karkaby
yeeeee :)
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Laurice Karkaby
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Appana Lok
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