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Alina Wadiwala

Hey, I am looking for beginner to play squash with, I have a court book for tomorrow at 5.30pm

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Hello everyone,

I have recently joined this site and was looking for sqaush partners to play with on weekdays after work so around 5:30-6 (flexible) and weekends. I am at beginner level and have played squash little bit but without any coaching. Willing to learn more and also teach if someone is just starting to play.




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Scotty Hallam

Hi guys, 

I've got a court.tomorrow at 720 pm anyone up for a game?

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Abdul Basit
6479366457 hit me up!
Graham Ricketts-Moncur

Hello, I am intermediate level squash player who is looking to find a partner who is prepared to play regularly.  I am looking for someone with whom I can improve my game, and challenge myself physically.  I am free to play most days, evenings and weekends.  Feel free to send me a message if you're interested ( Cheers, 


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